Our Fitness Philosophy

Exercise is a science and Fitness has a real definition. Check out our five point fitness mantra, OUR action plan to make YOU fit.

Cardiovascular Endurance

Simply put, this is our stamina! This is our ability to run long distances without fatigue, jump, skip etc.

Muscular Endurance

This is our muscular systems’ ability to support the cardio activities that we do without causing pain.

Muscular Strength

This is the ability of our muscles to generate maximum force against a given load. For example, being able to lift your motorbike fallen on the road.


This is the ability of the human body to maintain full range of motion across all the joints as observed while practicing Yoga.

Body Composition

This is the ratio between the Fat Free mass and Fat in our body. Generally anything between 8-20% for women and 5-15% for men is ideal!

Our USPs

  • On Call Nutritionists And Fitness Trainers

  • 400+ Food Items

  • 140+ Exercise Videos

  • Personalised Exercise Plans And Diets

  • Daily Tracker

Choose between any of our 2 offerings. You’ll get all the above services with both the plans.

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How It Works?

Its quite simple. HaloMi Fitness creates a complete fitness plan, absolutely personalised for you, based on the details you provide. These plans include exercise plans with videos, nutrition plan and an extensive food list to choose from. Let’s break it down here for you -

  • Step 01

    Tell us about your physique and fitness level

  • Step 02

    Get a personalised exercise and nutrition plan

  • Step 03

    Follow your plan and track your progress

  • Step 04

    Become a fit HaloMian

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