The Story of HaloMi

How was HaloMi Fitness conceived? Who is working round the clock to help you achieve your goals? Find out here!


Shruti is a national level volleyball player. She is also a certified fitness trainer and a sports nutritionist from the K11 academy of fitness sciences.

Shruti studied Bachelors of Petroleum Engineering from Maharashtra Institute of Technology in Pune. After graduating in 2008, she joined Royal Dutch Shell and worked for 8 years all around the world as a petroleum engineer.

Over the years despite her active routine and despite regularly exercising she had put on weight due to her extensive travels for work and hadn’t been able to get back in shape. In 2014 however, Shruti joined a personal training program which gave her direction, guidance and helped her shed oodles of fat and become fit by toning her body and increasing her strength. Through her own fitness journey, she realized that what she was missing and so do most people, is a well-designed workout and nutrition program made available at affordable prices.

It was then that Shruti decided to quit her job and pursue her passion in the field of fitness and to help people in their fitness journeys. ‘HaloMi Fitness’ is her endeavor to reach out to as many people as possible, bring fitness into their lives and make it accessible to them anytime and anywhere they like.

“You can get the best results from your workouts when you start by knowing exactly what you are going to do that day.” – Shruti Jahagirdar

‘HaloMi Fitness’ will give you access to scientific, effective and personalized exercise programs every day, coupled with a healthy nutrition plan.

Find out more about Shruti’s own fitness journey in this video.



Founder, Fitness & Nutrition Consultant


Fitness Consultant


Fitness Consultant Certified Fitness trainer and an experienced strength training coach. Aakash has 8 years of experience in training clients for general fitness and professional body builders and powerlifters for competitions. "With my energy, passion and determination, I feel that I can give a personal hand to clients and push them effectively to achieve their fitness goals" - Aakash Koul